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Massimiliano Valdinoci – Academy of Fine Arts in Verona

Massimiliano Valdinoci
Academy of Fine Arts in Verona

Architect, he lives and practises in Verona, where his professional studio is established since 1991. He mainly deals with recovery, restoration and preservation of historic buildings and monuments designed for residence, cult and collective uses with problems of functional and distributive adaptation. Since 1998 he is a member of the Committee of Sacred Art of the Diocese of Verona and he has deepened the issues of the recovery of the holy space both as member of the training equipe of national courses by National Office for Cultural Heritage of the CEI and as a speaker at several national and international conferences. In 2008 he led the winning group of the National Competition for the liturgical adaptation of Alba (CN) cathedral and in 2009 he participated – at the invitation of the CEI – in the competition for designing a parish complex in Recalmuto.
Since 2003 he is professor of Elements of architecture and urban planning at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona, where he has coordinated the restoration school and in 2011 he became its director. Among his researches and publications: Antichi spazi per la nuova liturgia. Le Cattedrali del Triveneto (2002), Casa di Dio (2005), Costantino Ruggeri. L’architettura della chiesa (2006), Le cattedrali dell’Emilia Romagna. Storia, Arte, Liturgia (2007). Un’architettura per la liturgia (2008), Il sistema difensivo della Lessinia (2010).
Website: www.mvaldinoci.it (under construction)



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