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Forest Stewardship Council Italia
Via Ugo Foscolo, 12· 35131 Padova   concorsi@fsc-italia.it   +39 049 8762749

FSC design in the United States

The prototype of Filò, the winning project of the second edition of our design contest “The forest in a room”, is come back to Italy after a journey in the United States for participating at three fairs. Realized by Duegi Falegnameria and Light Cube, the prototype of Filò, desgined by Laura Modoni, has been shown at:

June 3-6th, Las Vegas Convention Center
June 9-11th, Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago
June 26-28th, McCormick Place, Chicago

A different lamp for every different moment of conviviality. Playing with its small wooden boards
allows you to manipulate light according to the atmosphere you want to create, either that you
would like to illuminate spaces between people, or to create a more intimate dim light to share secrets.
For further information: www.filolamp.com



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