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Forest Stewardship Council Italia
Via Ugo Foscolo, 12· 35131 Padova   concorsi@fsc-italia.it   +39 049 8762749

Design your modern garden!

There’s time till January 30th to enter the competition “A room in the forest”. This year we ask to professionals and students to design objects, pieces of furniture and innovative systems that could help organizing, cultivating and using vegetable gardens and their products. “Modern gardens” is the theme of the third edition and so you can think about wooden or paper solutions to be used for holding small plants, filling balconies, decorating a living room or a kitchen or just to share with your friends the exciting experience of growing vegetables in the house or outside.

You can also think about innovative solutions to carry around vegetables, store and even stock them. You can design new kits and some creative packaging for garden tools and products, being aware that one or more of the aims described above has to be met. In this case, the proposed design is very important, because it has to be functional to the project and not just beautiful for the eye. Projects have to be applicable in the domestic context and internal spaces or in private external spaces such as terraces, balconies and gardens.

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