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Forest Stewardship Council Italia
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Claudio Garrone – FederlegnoArredo

Claudio Garrone

Graduated in Forestry Sciences, certified freelance, he’s currently Head of the Forest Office of FederlegnoArredo, auditor, environmental communicatior and, finally, CSR Manager. Since several years he’s also Director of AFI (Italian Forestry Association), an organization created in 1948 by the at-the-time Italian President, Enrico De Nicola, which has among its main objectives the development and the improvement of the national forest and arboreal heritage, raising awareness on the importance of forests and promoting studies and researches in forestry and in processing and marketing of wood.
He works as a Project Manager in the field of national and international forest policies and of sustainable use of wooden raw material, and he carries out business counseling on these issues. In 2011, FAO International Years of Forests, he was a member of the Jury of the competition called “Forest Skill”, on ideaTRE60 platform, organized by Fondazione Italiana Accenture and Fondazione Collegio delle Università Milanesi, for selecting and awarding the 3 better project ideas affording solutions with a high impact in terms of employment, through the smart use of the Italian forest heritage.
Website: www.federlegnoarredo.it



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