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Forest Stewardship Council Italia
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2nd edition: and the winner is…

The second edition of the FSC Italia design competition “The forest in a room” closed and the award winners received their prizes at a gala ceremony held at Caffè Pedrocchi in Padova on October 4th.

The evening began with a roundtable session entitled “Responsible design: from necessity to innovation”.This stimulated a lively discussion among the participating designers, retailers, journalists, academics and furniture company managers. One of their main conclusions was that designers play a crucial role in promoting responsible design, since it is their job to translate the wishes of consumers into the language of marketing and production. The group also felt that companies are increasingly investing in ‘ethical’ values, like FSC certified products that embody the values of responsibility, in their marketing strategies.

Later on, every winner received a poplar wood plaque made by Panguaneta and printed by Almaca, both Italian FSC certified companies, and other prizes. At the end, a bottle of Prosecco launched the exhibition of the winning prototypes, made by FSC certified companies.

Winners in the professional category:
First: Filò, created by Laura Modoni (prototype by Duegi Falegnameria and Light Cube)
Second: Labirinto, created by Marco and Andrea Dal Prete (prototype by Passoni Nature)
Equal third: Shangai Surprise by Francesco Benedetti (prototype by Mobilificio Deflorian) and Biforesta by Claudia Mascia (prototype by Mobilificio Fattorini).

Winner in the student category:
Wave by Rossella Zarabara, Serena Gonzato and Marsida Gavoci (protoype by OMG Group).

The Association for Industrial Design in Italy, through its working group Atelier dell’Innovazione awarded two prizes for the most innovative designs. The winners were Filò and Wave. The design magazine Ottagono also awarded two prizes. Among students it went to Epping by Marco Strizzolo and Alice D’Andrea; in the professionals category, the prize went to Kali by Josè M. Morales Torner, Cirene D. Jimenez Jimenez and Ana M. Mendoza Maldonado from Mexico.



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