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domestic sociality

The contest

The forest in a room
With The forest in a room, FSC Italia wants to spread the use of the FSC trademark in a sector in which our country is amongst the worldwide leaders: furniture, with the aim of drawing the attention of the designers, of the industrial production and of the final consumer to the origin of raw wood. The forest in a room will be the leitmotiv of all the following editions, but every time designers will have to deal with different themes.
  Domestic sociality
The subject of the second edition is "domestic sociality". Participants have to design chairs, tables, coffee tables, lighting systems and furnishing, which are created for facilitating moments of sociality, sharing and staying together in our houses. Object has to be entirely (except for small parts, joints and screws) made up of wood. Projects must be innovative and functional, easy to manufacture and transportable.


How to participate

The competition is open to both italian and foreign citizens who are under 41 years of age before the 31st of December 2013. The participation can be either individual or in group. It's free of charge for Students, while Professionals have to pay 10 euro for subscription. Deadline: 25th June 2013. Read carefully the CONTEST REGULATION.

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CPE   Organization that protects the Pannello Ecologico trademark in the furniture industry, it was founded with the purpose of encouraging the development of a new social awareness which leads to consider the choice of furniture as an eco-sustainable choice and wood as a precious resource to be recovered and recycled.

Part of the Coop system, the most important distribution chain and the largest organization of Italian consumers. With a network of 160 stores in Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Marche and Abruzzo, contributes to sales of FSC certified products such as napkins, handkerchiefs and office paper.

Prototypes for winners realized by
duegi   This FSC certified traditional carpentry produces indoor and outdoor furnitures, doors and windows. Engaged for years in working with eco-friendly products, also caring to sustainability in the manufacturing processes, has led to eliminate any waste pollution and all waste is recyclable and recycled. The natural and non-toxic paints are made of hard vegetable oil, animal waxes, organic pigments and soils.
deflorian   In the field of custom furniture since 1947, it works to meet the needs of a clientele that is increasingly attentive to the quality, not only of the product but also of the offered service. In order to invest in the quality of products by improving performance, it has obtained, among others, the FSC certification.
fattorini   Mobilificio Fattorini is an FSC certified carpentry, an Italian company that in 50 years has believed and invested in quality and ecology. It produces custom wooden furniture to create beautiful and healthy spaces, dedicated not only to housing but also to the community: nurseries, schools, libraries.
passoni   It creates furnishings with natural materials, environmental friendly and certified, intended to last in time and shaped by knoledge and long experience. It works for guarantee the benefit of man and for everything that surronds him, according to priciples of harmony and beauty.

Prizes for students offered by
  Mill that produces renewable energy thanks to the intensive use of hydroelectric power, it has a full range of FSC products and with recicled fiber. Since 2002 it's part of the Fedrigoni Group, FSC certified, and it's a unique features reality in the European paper world and one of the first international companies.
  It creates functional and affordable products for millions of people, making a careful and responsible use of raw materials, water and energy and minimizing waste. Wood is one of the most important materials for IKEA, whose goal is to get to use only recycled wood or from FSC certified forests.

All printed materials by
  Graphic Arts Company established in 1983, it manufactures publishing and commercial printing with full production cycle, from design to production, to the final staging. Careful looking for clean and responsible environmental performance, it achieved FSC certification in 2008.
  Technology, innovation, machines that work. Fast times and high precision. But first of all there are those who work in Edicta, because there is no excellence without human passion. Liking the idea that a well done work could also treats well the environment, in 2010 this company achieved FSC certification.

2012 edition winners

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